Youth Invest

Investing in the resourceful demographic dividend of Zimbabwe.

About Us

As Youth Invest, we believe the youth are an integral part of community change because of their resourcefulness and dynamic competencies, hence our commitment to invest in them. Through our thrust on inclusive entrepreneurship, we assist the youth to turn their dreams and ideas into concrete business and/ or social enterprises.
The emphasis on inclusivity goes beyond the inclusion of the ordinarily marginalized groups such as youth with disabilities and young women, it is also about supporting entrepreneurs from different sectors and backgrounds by creating a level playing field through advocacy and lobbying. Inclusive entrepreneurship is about developing the grit to start, acquiring the relevant skills and networks and progression from mere survival to long-term sustainability.

Our Vision

A generation of development oriented youth capable of positive socio-economic impact.

Our Mission

To promote the youth’s sustainable social and economic development through synergy effort and capacity building.

Our Projects

Throughout the year, we invest in the youth through conducting several projects, and the main ones are as follows:


Membership is open for all young people between the ages of 18 to 35 years with the following characteristics:

Enterprising - keen on effecting real positive change in the community

Energetic and proactive.

Willing to acquire further skills development.

Passionate about community development.

Being a YI member provides you a platform where you can:

  • Attend entrepreneurship and civic engagement seminars and workshops.
  • Access various sources of finance through interacting with local loan providers.
  • Access to world-class coaching and mentorship on business, academic and other related fields.
  • Lobby government and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Share ideas and engage in meaningful discussions through our interactive and engaging youth platforms.

Our Blog

Keep up to date with our activities.
20th April 2019

What Do We Mean by “Balance for Better”?

The 2019 International Women’s Day theme: “Balance for Better” has different interpretations and meanings to young people. When asked the question, “What does ‘Balance for Better’ […]
27th February 2019

Bulawayo youth interpretations on advancement of gender equality in Zimbabwe

For sustainable development, it is imperative for young people to shape the gender equality discourse. The youth are a unique population group with the ability to […]
21st September 2018

YI facilitates direct engagement between entrepreneurs and Zimbabwe’s microfinance banks

EXECUTIVES from the newly-opened Empower Bank and the Women’s Microfinance Bank yesterday met entrepreneurs and potential depositors in Bulawayo, paving way for the opening of their […]
5th September 2018

Commercialization of raw talents and skills

Youth Invest hosted its second session of #YOUTHCONVERSATIONS under the theme: Commercialization of raw talents and skills. The session was aimed at provoking dialogue into how […]
22nd August 2018

The Youth Invest story…Where it began

In 2016, Nomqhele was leading a United Nations Democracy Fund supported project aimed at enhancing the appreciation and participation of youth in civic processes. Based on […]

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